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Tsarevetz is a medieval fortress, which is located next to the old part of Veliko Tarnovo. The brothers Asen and Petar from Asenevci dynasty proclaimed Turnovgrad for capital of the Second Bulgarian kingdom after the liberation from Byzantine rule. For the first time it was researched by Karel Shkorpil in 1886 and further studying of the sight continued until 1930. The regime after WWII in 1946 started mass scale researches and in 1981 the archeological sight was finished and officially exposed to public for the big celebrations 1300 years Bulgarian state. During the Second Bulgarian kingdom the fortress was hosting the Bulgarian patriarch as well as a palace complex. Maybe the most interesting building looking from historians perspective is the famous "Balduin Tower", in which the Latin emperor Baldwin of Flanders is believed to have been exiled after the defeat at Adrianople in 1205.